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In both the book Siddhartha and the musical Hamilton, the main characters are on a personal journey seeking the Good Life. Siddhartha’s version of the Good Life is to attain total nirvana and spiritual enlightenment. While, Alexander Hamilton’s version of the Good Life is to attain power and authority during the American Revolution, and to leave a legacy of himself. Although both achieve their own version of the Good Life in the end, their paths and end goals have many similarities and differences. Siddhartha’s ongoing goal throughout the book is to achieve total enlightenment. While on his path to enlightenment he learns about himself and his values. These main values he carries with him are the art of thinking, waiting and fasting. He believes that these three values are what will help him one day attain nirvana. Then Siddhartha meets Kamala and Kamaswami, and during his time with them he discounts the three values as he becomes captivated with the material world. It takes him many years to realize the material world won’t help him achieve his
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