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Assignment 4 1. Discuss the evolution of machines. “Throughout England and Western Europe, machines were being put to daily use to extend, or replace, human muscle power. Pumps, levers, pulleys, cranes, wheels, and gears powered water mills and windmills to grind grain, saw wood, weave textiles, and accomplish other forms of labor-intensive work, thus freeing European society from its dependence on human brawn”(Schultz, 2016, p. 20). The growth and complexly of machines has been rapid and vast. Machines were even once thought to be a basis for human mental functioning. 2. Why was this said to be a threat to humans? “The rapid development of technology made it clear that machines had made greater evolutionary strides than animals had, and he predicted that machines would one day become capable of simulating human mental processes—a kind of intelligence” (Schultz, 2016,p. 130). 3. Provide 2 real world examples of how machines have evolved to replace humans One example of how machines have evolved to replace humans are ATM machines. Our
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