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STAC67 Assignment #1 First name: Last name: Student number: Instructions Print this document and complete all questions in pen . Any questions completed in pencil will not be eligible to be remarked even if there was a marking error. This assignment has to be completed individually . You can find statistical tables on the Blackboard page in “Course Materials”. Please round the final results to the nearest third decimal . Pease check that you have all the consecutively numbered pages of this test. There are 6 pages. In order to receive full credit for a problem, you should show all of your work and explain your reasoning. This assignment is due on TU Oct 4 at 11:00AM . No late assignments will be ac- cepted. This assignment contains two exercises. Read carefully the instructions at the beginning of each exercise. Question: 1 2 Total Points: 30 20 50 Score: Page 1 of 6 Next page -→
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1. Output of a statistical software will not be accepted for this exercise. Please provide the answers in the corresponding space . If you do not have enough space, please use the back of a nearby page and indicate clearly where to look. Show all of your work and explain your reasoning (final answers only will not receive credit). Gross national product (GNP) is a broad measure of a nation’s total economic activity. It represents the value of all finished goods and services produced in a country in one year by its nationals. GNP is sometimes used as the primary measure of total economic activity of a country. In order to study the factors that are relevant to economic activity, we consider the association between GNP and number of unemployed.
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