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AST 1002 Horizons in Astronomy Unit Two Book Assignment 1. Astropedia 5.4: When there is a new Moon what phase would Earth appear to have to an observer on the Earth? Facing side of the Moon? At what time of day or night does a. the first? quarter Moon pass highest above the horizon b. the full Moon pass highest above the horizon c. the full Moon rise? -From the moon, the Earth would look full because it would all be lighted. The first quarter is at its highest point at 6 pm/sunset. The full moon rises at 6 pm and hits its highest point around midnight 2. Astropedia 5.6: Why are earthquakes more likely to occur near a new Moon or a full Moon? During new or full moons, the gravitational pull the moon has on the earth causes the tides to be stronger. Thus, gravitational pull is what may increase the change of earthquakes, the gravitational pull also affects the tectonic plates, which can possibly cause them to move and cause an earthquake.
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