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Sociology Lecture #9 Tuesday, May 30 th 2017 Patterns of Interaction Pluralism - state in which racial and ethnic minorities are distinct but have social parity o Different categories of people but equally share resources o Canada prides itself in being a pluralist society (same idea as multiculturalism), participate in Canadian life without giving up their own culture o Creating an identity that embraces difference o Many of these societies participate in pretend pluralism (believe to be but aren’t) o Dependent on institutional completeness (necessary for pluralism), need institutions and community organizations which meet the needs to citizens Assimilation - the process by which minorities gradually adopt patterns of the dominant culture o Patterns can be through dominant religions, dress, values, language o Sometimes happens by minorities group themselves for upwards mobility and escape of prejudice and discrimination o More mixing of cultures which can erode stark difference in terms of cultures and differences o Can be forced as well (ex: residential schools, colonialization, racialization) often done through ideas of superiority and hierarchy o These practices are rationalized as us helping others cultures because we believe our culture is superior Segregation - the physical and social separation of categories of people o May be voluntary but can also be imposed through exclusion as well o In the U.S. pronounces forces systems of segregation, different sections of the bus, separate bathrooms and water fountains o In Canada, Viola Desmond, Aboriginal reserves Genocide - the systematic annihilation of one category of people by another o Violates all moral standards but has happened time and time again in history o Like to ignore that our history and country was largely built on genocide and discrimination White Privilege Recognition of systems of disadvantage but not systems of advantage People from progressive mindsets acknowledge that people are disadvantaged but will rarely recognize who is advantaged
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Men at her university acknowledged that women were disadvantaged
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