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Sociology Lecture #19 Monday, Hune 19 th 2017 Technology Anabel Quan-Haase How does technology intersect with our daily lives o Dependencies High dependency on cars Who has access to this technology and who doesn’t What is the societal value of technologies? o Complexity = theme of this lecture Digital divide, intersects with all axis of difference Technologies are rarely wholly good or wholly bad New technology can offer more choice and convenience Can also be associated with destruction of nature and lives and divides amongst demographics Do not question technology when it functions properly, when it breaks down our dependency becomes evident 2011 Tsunami in Japan brought into question the efficiency of nuclear energy as the natural disaster made it non-functional #1 Technology as Material Substance Primarily defined as consisting of technical components This is a very materialistic approach and creates the perspective that technology is “a radical other to humanity” o Entirely separate from the social realm which renders technology as passive and an immaterial substance which is solely used by humans o Doesn’t allow for humans to be implicated in technology (has been discredited) #2 Technology as Knowledge Technology is closely linked to knowledge as it uses and generates complex sets of knowledges Technological knowledge tends to stem from human activity – most often in relation to an artifact o Human activity in relation to a material artifact – all objects which have been modified, modelled, or produced, according to a set of humanly imposed attributes o Technological knowledge is used to make these products with the aim of facilitating some sort of goal o Technological knowledge is very practical whereas scientific knowledge can be abstract o Created separation between object and knowledge Layton’s Model of Technology Technological ideas must be transplanted into designs which then must be implemented by techniques and tools to produce things
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o Ideas – the thought process which proceeds the tool (technological imagination) o Design – the mediator between idea and object and takes the abstract idea and puts into a physical form or object o Techniques – represents the actual object or artifact you end up with #3 Technology as Practice not just the sum of artifacts but a system involving organization, procedure, symbols, new worlds and mindset - Ursula Franklin (1992) o technology is not the sum of artifacts but a system of …. Technology as a practice embedded in the everyday activities of humans Technological determinism – pessimistic approach o Idea that dependency creates human isolation o How this becomes naturalized but lacks how society impacts technology #4 Technology as Technique Technique is idea in this definition and technology is the object itself Human activity 1. Goals – what you want to achieve 2.
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