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Sociology Lecture #14 Thursday, June 8 th 2017 Education Institution of education is an enduring set of ideas about education and how it can be used to accomplish societal goals Education - the social institution guiding a society’s transmission of knowledge — including basic facts, job skills, and cultural norms and values — to its members Schooling - formal instruction under the direction of specially trained teachers o In high income countries, education takes on this form o Schooling teaches obedience o Schools provide skills and modify behaviour as children are in impressionable years o Method of social control o Mode of social acceptability and opportunities for social mobility Public Education Before the Industrial Revolution, there was little interest in educating the masses The Industrial Revolution demanded a more disciplined, trainable, and literate workforce o Education seen as a way of achieving economic modernization Education upheld social order and maintained social control by subverting potential social conflict Education as Social Control Ryerson – free education system o Actually, to uphold social order and maintain social control, wanted to subvert potential conflict from Irish Catholic migrants o Tool of assimilation Schecter (1977) argued that compulsory, state-run public education is based on centralization and uniformity o Public education system ended up reinforcing class divisions and social inequality Malacrida (2015) examined how compulsory education is used to enforce social subordination o Education ranks and sorts children to the detriment to those considered inferior through tests, curriculum, and standardized testing Provincial school boards were set up to run the large systems of “normal” schools
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o Taught to enforce certain codes of discipline which would create uniformity amongst the teacher and as a result a uniformity amongst the students Human Capital Theory There was an unprecedented expansion of colleges and universities across Canada after WWII o WWII reinforced the need for a skilled workforce o
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