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Matthew McCann 50175439 MGB 425 Thomas Green Case Assignment Introduction Thomas Green is a man who works for Dynamic Displays, a provider of ATMs. Green started as an executive accountant and wanted to climb the business ladder fast. Green was viewed as a "bright and ambitious account executive," as told to him by his executive McDonald. Green was then promoted to Senior Market Specialist. This was when Green's career started on a downward spiral. Frank Davis was another executive at the company, and he had expected to be the one in charge of choosing who the next market specialist would've been. Frank was angry when he discovered Green was hired because he did not get to choose the specialist and if he did, it would not have been Green. Analysis of Problems With his new position, Green had his hands full. It seemed as time went on the problems for Green only got worse. One of Greens major problems was his relationship with Frank Davis. In the article, it states that." Green used most of his first week to review 2006 and 2007 year-to- date sales. He spent the next week with his boss, Frank Davis, making a rapid tour of major
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