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MGI CHAPTER 3 Notes Equal Employment Opportunity and Safety POWERPOINT US Legal System - Legislative - Executive - Judicial Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) - Governments attempt to ensure all individuals have equal chance for employment, regardless of o Race o Color o Age o Reigion o Sex/gender o National origin o Mental or physical ability - Congressional Legislation o Title VII of the civil rights act 1964 Prohibits discrimination in hiring, firing, pay based on race, religion, sex, national origin REMEMBER THIS o Equal pay act of 1963 o Age discrimination in employment act of 1967 o Pregnancy discrimination act o Americans with disabilities act o Uniformed services employment reemployment rights act o Immigration reform and control act If do hire, is illegal to discriminate against Reasonable accommodation - Make “reasonable accommodation” to physically or mentally disabled person unless would impose “undue hardship” - Religion and accommodation – employmee must demonstrate o
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