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Ch 10.docx - Selections perfect organism-mature at birth...

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Selection’s perfect organism: -mature at birth, continuously produce lots of high quality offspring, live forever Some organisms have these qualities -Female thrips egg mite mature at birth -Mature before hatches, mates w brother. -BUT dies after 4 days when offspring hatch -Young sexually mature before birth. Mate w bro in utero then kill mother -Brown Kiwi -6lbs kiwi lays 1 lb (size of chicken but 6 times lager than chicken egg. Large investment) -chick almost independent in a week -BUT takes 2 months for two eggs, males watch them for 3 months -No organism lives forever but Hydra…. Biology and physics impose limits, fitness tradeoffs -How selection balances trade offs in different environments Teleology: the idea that purpose exists in evolution in the same sense that it does for human intention -teleological language and explanations must be avoided when discussion evolution “Strategy”: does not imply a conscious choice by the organism. Adaptive strat doesn’t mean best possible
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