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ORG300 Critical Thinking Assignment Option #2: Leadership, Information, and Communication Research Instructions: Review the following resources. Write a summary of each, including appropriate in-text citations. Information on how to cite correctly is found in the CSU-Global library under CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA: In-Text Citations . Reference Generation matters. (2015). Journal of Protective Coatings and Linings , 32 (3), 52. Summary of the article including citations According to Generation Matters (2015), skills, values, work ethics, and communication differ generationally. The article starts with traditionalist, whom value hard work and are loyal to their careers. Communication using technology was still fairly new in this era, therefore traditionalist would rather communicate face to face, and by written memos. Subsequently, the article transitions to the baby boomers generation. This generation grew up with new infrastructure, technology, and the space program, which was a strong point for America. Therefore boomers are motivated and live for their careers, and they would rather communicate by phone or email. Next the article introduces the generations X and Y, and their work mentality. Generation X value family, therefore would rather be at home than work.
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