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Chapter 8 Families Family processes Reciprocal socialization and the family as a system The concept of reciprocal socialization is that adolescents socialize parents just as parents socialize adolescents. The family system is a system of interacting individuals with different subsystems-some dyadic, some polyadic Maturation Relationships are influenced by the maturation of the adolescent and the maturation of parents. Adolescent changes include puberty, expanded logical reasoning, increased idealistic and egocentric thought, violated expectations, changes in schooling, peers, friendship, dating and movement toward independence Changes in parents might include decreased marital satisfaction, economic burdens, career re-evaluation, time perspective, and health/body concerns Adults follow one developmental trajectory and children and adolescents another one How these trajectories mesh affects timing of entry into various family tasks Adolescents’ and emerging adults relationships with their parents Parents as managers An increasing trend is to conceptualize parents as managers of adolescents lives This involves being a parent who finds information, makes contacts, helps structure choices, and provides guidance Parents can serve as regulators of their adolescents’ social contacts with peers, friends, and adults. A key aspect of managerial role involves parental monitoring Parenting styles Authoritarian - a restrictive punitive style in which the parent exhorts the adolescent to follow the parents’ directions and to respect work and effort. Firm limits and controls are placed on the adolescent, and little verbal exchange is allowed. This style is associated with adolescents’ socially incompetent behaviour Authoritative -a style encouraging adolescents to be independent but still placing limits and controls on their actions. Extensive verbal give and take is allowed, and parents are warm and nurturing toward the adolescent. This style is associated with adolescents’ socially competent behaviour Neglectful - a style in which the parents are very uninvolved in the adolescent’s life. It is associated with adolescents’ social incompetence, especially a lack of self-control.
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