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Topic 1 - Week 1.docx - Topic 1 Ideas of Italy 1 Where did...

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Topic 1: Ideas of Italy 1. Where did the idea of “Italy originate? 2. How was the idea of a collective Italian identity produced? 3. What were the main images of Week 1 Introduction to course. Ideas of Italy from antiquity to the 18th century. The Risorgimento, exiles, the foreign press and literature. Reading Swain, 1997 (5 pp) Petrarch, “Italia mia” (123 lines) Machiavelli, 1988. Chapter 26, “An exhortation to liberate Italy from the barbarians” (6 pp.) Leopardi, “All’Italia” (140 lines) Gabaccia 2000, 45-52: “Diaspora nationalism: Italians made abroad” (7pp.) Images to be viewed in class Francesco Hayez, “Meditation” (1851), “The Kiss” (1859) Federico Seneca, sketch for Baci Perugina box design (1922) HMWK: Italia Mia Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch) Composed c. 1345 Italy is a female body torn with wounds, motif of the female body The man is sighing because he is talking about the three main rivers in Italy Miccolo Machiavelli An exhortation to take Italy and liberate it from the barbarians He is appealing to men in order to liberate Italy, men need to fight for women All’Italia (to Italy) Giacomo Leopardi Addressing Italy as a woman, shameful and degraded who will be liberated
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