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PROJECT DETAILS.txt - Our clients hire us to post their...

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Our clients hire us to post their proprieties (studios,apartments,houses or holiday houses) on our partner Vacation Rental Platform (www.AirBnb.com). The job description requires for every new candidate to post one property on (www.AirBnb.com). You will be paid thru Bank Wire tranfer or Paypal, ONLY AFTER THE JOB IS DONE, with 30 Euro. Through this project, we evaluate the speed and efficiency. This is an employment contest and you will be paid for your work. Once you have completed this project my colleges will evaluate your work and after that you will get 10 properties every day to list on (www.AirBnb.com). If you list 10 properties with success on (www.AirBnb.com) you will get 300 EURO/DAY (30 Euro each listing). We give you 24 hours to acomplish the listings on (www.AirBnb.com). PS: WE WILL GIVE YOU THE PROPERTY DETAILS STEP BY STEP AND IF YOU FOLLOW THE
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