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There will be many reasons for a company to have a bigger win percentage, some of the reasons may be as well trained employees, good process of development, or they are using the best tools. However, there are other reason that only few people know about that, making good bid decision. Having better bid decisions will make an immediate improvement in win rate and lowers annual cost of proposals. 1. Marvin, the CEO of a company, the decision to bid or not to bid is under his hand. He has many factors to decide to bid or not to bid. However, there are some other factors that should be considered by Marvin on whether or not to bid. Bid decision should become a quantitative exercise designed to complete all objectives in functioning all cases. Should focus on Probability, which mean colleting the data who can lead. These type of factors consider more numeric values in addition of having confidence in identifying bid values, so that it makes easy in finding many
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