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Drexel University PROJ 502 Project Planning & Scheduling Week Ten Lecture Notes Theme: Development Project Capabilities Outline: • Project planning in a nutshell • Habits of great PMs • Project planning in a nutshell & Habits of great PMs Projects are change endeavors. Essentially, projects are used within organizations in an attempt to transition from point A to point B. Effective project mangers know that “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.” Great PMs create habits around knowing this short phrase. This lecture summaries the salient points made over the prior nine weeks. Early in this course we discussed the need for effective planning. The bottom line is that the primary reason for planning a project is to insure that there is a comprehensive approach determined that when implemented, will deliver the intended results the project objectives aimed to accomplish and that those objectives are expected by management. There are a number of concepts, tools, and models used for planning as outlined in weeks 1 and 2. Some of the tools specifically outlined included the Applied Strategic Planning Model, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Line of Balance to mention a few. While these models are great, the two important facts to keep in mind about models are that 1. Models do not make decisions, managers do. And 2. Models can only partially represent the reality faced in the evaluation process. Additionally, there are several things to keep in mind for effectively planning and controlling projects. The following is a short list of critical components to keep in mind: - Divide and conquer Manage complexity by breaking the project down into lower level elements - Integrated approach Don’t do things in isolation (eg; consolidate effort around scope, quality, cost, time, risk, etc) - Keep it simple and systematic - Collaborate with all vested parties
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