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Athena Walker Columbia Southern University EMS 3303 EMS Operations & Personnel Management Unit III Essay
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A personal mission statement is a very important component of being a leader and plays a significant role in personal development. In essence, it is the reason you do what you do. It should not only identify the things that are important to you as a person but disclose a potential outcome from your actions. It should also clarify in a brief manner your values and aspirations. Core values should always be at the forefront, this will ensure that your personal priorities are known by anyone who reads the mission statement. My personal mission statement: As an ideal leader, I want to be the very best person possible by remaining positive, compassionate, and honest. As an ideal leader, I will use my gifts of compassion, confidence and integrity to uplift and educate others. My goal is to be an inspiring leader and educator known for motivating and stimulating growth among people. As a leader
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