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Iclicker Quizzes Exam II Iclicker Quiz; Day 13 1. The reading for today was about nitrate contamination of: Groundwater 2. The main sources of nitrate pollution are: fertilizers and livestock manure 3. Irrigated cropland is responsible for what percent of nitrate pollution? 96% 4. Nitrate contamination of groundwater is a long-term problem because: · Contamination is getting worse every year · Nitrates linger in soils for decades · Even if sources were eliminated, groundwater is already severely contaminated Iclicker Quiz; Day 14 1. In hydrology, the term “subsidence” refers to: when the land surface drops down . 2. Land surface subsidence is never faster than: can be faster than 1 inch per month . 3. Is subsidence due to groundwater pumping reversible? No, sediments get compacted and stay that way (permanent loss of groundwater storage) 4. Are aquifers affected by land surface subsidence? Yes, storage volume is reduced by compaction (porosity is reduced, water storage volume is reduced) iClicker Quiz Day 14 1. What is the term for the percentage of empty space in sediment or rock that can store water?
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