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Drexel University PROJ 502 Project Planning & Scheduling Week Eight Lecture Notes Theme: Change Management and Controlling the Project Outline: • Measuring progress: The planning, monitoring, and controlling cycle • Responding to deviations: Monito ring and controlling the process group and project work • The three fundamental types of control • Controlling scope • Understanding the change control process • The value of a requirements traceability matrix With the last several lectures focusing on planning and scheduling, this lecture focuses primarily on monitoring, controlling, and measure the project. • Measuring progress: The planning, monitoring, and controlling cycle Monitoring and control are critical to the success of project management. The objectives for monitoring and controlling include the following: - Inform appropriate levels of project and general management personnel the project status and engage them in decision making as needed. - Identify problems and risks early so that they can be appropriately mitigated. - Communicate consistently to stakeholders regarding progress of the project relative to identified objectives in order that confidence and commitment to the project remains high. Basically, the process is simple. Planning, monitoring, and controlling is a process or cycle aimed to deliver project solutions on time, within budget, and in scope. The cycle can be summed up in a few steps: - Plan - Implement - Evaluate completed work - Measure performance - Analyze progress - Take corrective action as needed -Complete Confirm objectives achieved
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