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ENGINEERING KNOWLEDGE TEST (EKT) COMPUTER SCIENCE STREAM BOOKLET SERIES H Set No 1/15 Time Allotted: 45 Minutes Instructions for Candidates 1. Total No. of Questions 50. Each Question is of three marks. 2. One mark will be deducted for every wrong answer. 3. No mark will be deducted for un-attempted questions 4. Do not write or make any mark on Question Paper. Q1. If a plane is parallel to the plane of projection, it appears (a) true size (b) as a line or edge (c) foreshortened (d) as an oblique surface Q2. How is a J-K Flip Flop made to toggle (a) J=0, K=0 (b) J=1, K=0 (c) J=0, K=1 (d) J=1, K=1 Q3. No. of flip-flops used in decade counter (a) 3 (b) 2 (c) 4 (d) None of these Q4. The decimal equivalent of the hexadecimal number E5 is (a) 279 (b) 229 (c) 427 (d) 3000 Q5. Which part of the computer is used for calculating and comparing? (a) Disk unit (b) Control unit (c) ALU (d) Modem Q6. Difference between Decision-Tables and Decision Tree is (are) : (a) value to end user (b) form of representation (c) one shows the logic while other shows the process (d) all of the above Q7. The reservation system of Indian railways is an example of (a) transaction processing system (b) interactive decision support system (c) management controls system (d) expert system Q8. The network layer, in reference to the OSI model, provide (a) data link procedures that provide for the exchange of data via frames that can be sent and received (b) the interface between the X.25 network and packet mode device (c) the virtual circuit interface to packet-switched service (d) all of the above Q9. Which of the following is an important characteristic of LAN? (a) application independent interfaces (b) unlimited expansion (c) low cost access for low bandwidth channels (d) parallel transmission
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2 BOOKLET SERIES H Q10. Which of the following TCP/IP protocol is used for transferring electronic mail messages from one machine to another?
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