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To put it simply, legalizing marijuana or any substance wasn't specified in the U.S. Constitution, therefore it's a state's rights issue. As per the 10th amendment, any power not given to the Federal Government is automatically a State's right. As a result, any debate, discussion, or conflict over controlling substances should be decided at the state level. However, with the inclusion of the Necessary and Proper Clause, Congress may enact legislation to address the issues. Seeing as the government handles issues by looking at precedents, one may look to other issues like gun control. It's not a perfect metaphor seeing as the 2nd amendment explicitly states guns are allowed, but it still sets the tone for State's rights. Guns are a national right for every citizen, but states like California opt to put heavy restrictions on firearms like pistols, while outright banning assault rifles and other automatic weapons. In the same vein, states should ideally have the right to opt in for marijuana if possible. At the
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