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ANTH 110 Midterm Review Chap1-4 (1).pdf

ANTH 110 Midterm Review Chap1-4 (1).pdf - Anth 110...

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Who is considered to be the first person to have conducted a scientific excavation of an ancient site? A) Thomas Jefferson B) General Pitt-Rivers C) Sir William Flinders Petrie D) Willard Libby E) Charles Darwin According to Renfrew & Bahn, there are now a number of “archaeologies,” including A) environmental archaeology B) underwater archaeology C) historical archaeology D) ethnoarchaeology E) all answers are correct Renfrew & Bahn argue that archaeology is A) a science B) a humanity C) history D) all of the answers are correct E) none of the answers are correct James Hutton, author of Theory of the Earth (1785), studied the stratification of rocks and concluded that A) the same processes were continuing in the formation of the earth as in the past B) multiple catastrophes were responsible for the formation of the earth C) pressures of weight and gravity were solely responsible for earth’s formation D) human activity (fires, forest depletion, dams, etc.) were responsible for the earth’s formation E) none of the above The account of the Trojan war in the Iliad inspired the search for Troy by A) Thomas Jefferson B) Augustus Lane-Fox Pitt Rivers C) Sir Mortimer Wheeler D) Heinrich Schliemann E) Ephraim Squier Many of the principal features of modern archaeology, particularly chronology and description, were established in the 19th century and continued to develop through the first half of the 20th century; this initial approach to archaeology is described by Gordon Willey and Jeremy Sabloff as A) processual Anth 110: Introduction to Archaeology Sample questions for Midterm 1 (Lecture topics for weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4 : Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 )
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