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EM 306 FaII 2OO7 Quiz 7 Section: M 5-7 Name: EID: [alculate the r. and y-components of the force C *lni"n member BC exerts on member ACD.The ca' .dlo are wrapped securely around the two pulleys, which are fastened together. 0.25m 0.5m So{woron' T /-
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Unformatted text preview: rr\'/= ry,{,, G IMo ,ry trt,\/ /o0.7,0, = ltl N r) t;; =. lslA/ (-+) B^-F-I I I 2m fi6tN e e 'Ja hv : T ^ o,Lf -?sl .0,! zo T -062N G zeh:o = (= 13 19 M C- c"l?&o- c. sln"(<r cn,[ 781 (z*,,s) t f(t ( zrqer) = o--'-7tt N (v )...
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