Q8-M5-7 - -fr,s y-u/x = A=.t H=)9 Jfl Name&b^th'r...

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EM 306 Fall 2OO7 Quiz 8 Section 14005 (M 5-7) EID:- Locate the centroid of the shaded area between the f,wo curyes. I .i t' l- U4l7e UZ- t IT { t *{)dx= % "ti'l $l to = ,/; I: ; (I,i- a,'1,.x = + 6l nL r x : [,- t,$" JD b
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Unformatted text preview: -fr* (,s -,( y,-u,) /x = A= ,.t H= ?)9 Jfl Name &b^th'r'. f----Fe (K r.) : fx slg'\-'rr0L' \, -,/ x'A = 5'A= x= lI" la +-*d /) l,-+l x dY or7 of o,g'6 J^ - Q,'v)l^ d4 -- JJ J*.JA., Jo" J* :...
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