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Q8-T6-8 - FAl,n f;Ot = €r{no Je l $.t lr t{Yooo 1 = cEr-l...

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EM 306 Fall 2007 euiz g Section 14025 (T 6-8) , Name:- EID:_ f , fP By inspection, state the quadrant in which the cen- * ' - |- troid ofthe shaded area is located. Then determine the coordinates of the centroid. The plate center isM. S"[,q!o- tA =A, ixR * L r$4= Idca, @ -o "1 +Ar-=|ZP'z
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Unformatted text preview: FAl,n f;Ot* = €r{no Je l, +$.t lr t '{Yooo 1 = cEr:#-l 1 is* lu l (c- t'A 6//ooo --78oo 7[!go * -?l8ott d,9s pq d, fs n,q |lngnsi6ns in millimefurc AmI-D [email protected] fr Crrrt") X (nm) $c"") *A Q,',) iA " wN) o- dll" 6 3Nk* ^ t6o:{A-?o€ p* {tt*"-c)...
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