Q9-M5-7 - -(i;) Ig p-B is at, torr) !,xB= f"+...

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(-A /8 ) EM 306 Fall 2001 Quiz Section 14005 (M 5-7) Name: EID:- Determine the polar moments of inertia of the semr- circular area about PointsA and B. ,| I I tB ffi___x!:H ^t )o [a-fi'uru I IzA A is at (+ro) I,c4= tr'*o *Y f5n = Il , + AYz = t +(tv' 6 \2 t S r,r? 6
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Unformatted text preview: -(i;) Ig p-B is at, torr) !,xB= f"+ A(r-#)' :(*'fr)r*t $)u-X- ..*6sr^ - t)-T ; -r a'ff L88 LJ -t- s : r( ( eY 3rr -+ .,. T4= f xb + ryg ;o 6\ \g (?, * (* * i 1n"(t <- inrr _ o rr--It-t E t : Y+( a,-f rf*") !rv J-CD...
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