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T r a-a : Ia-q EM 306 Fall 2407 Quiz Section UA25 (T 6-8) Name: EID:- The cross section of a bearing block is shown in the figure by the shaded area. Calculate the moment of l inertia ofthe section about its base o-o. 12'. rtl J(p.lq: = 296 in* 5 \
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Unformatted text preview: / \.aa+ 5o (uttuvrr :-Ufu4fta: ..9m -?*t(9 C*1"-l^'g @ o I.* [o^L^oJ : I*,-q : >g( + s(? - zt1 : Et { ;nf Ir"t A(+-*f *oru -g) ry)' t(ry) (aet) = v+( inf fz{r^.^. : I,.t A&") = Lnzt r + = llg ;1t VAr [^'t (r t o x...
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