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1. The reasons the authors (Locke and Voltaire/Kant) give for religious tolerance. Locke speaks of the idea of separation of church and state. 2. The tolerance of religion should go so far as it does not impede another individual’s rights. 3. I do agree with them on this point that any religion should be tolerated and an individual should be free to express it so long as it does not deprive another of certain rights. 4. The main difference I noticed in the non-western readings compared with the western ones is the style used the non-western ones used narratives to get their ideas across. 5. The issues raised in the readings correspond to my own understanding of religion as I tend to see religion as a pizza pie that has been sliced up and
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Unformatted text preview: each religion has a slice and is thus missing the other parts and only through tolerance and education of other religions can we ever hope to put all the slices back together and thus have a whole pizza pie once more as I believe we may have once. 6. Yes, the reading did raise social and political issues such as what role the government should have in religious affairs which is in my opinion more relevant in twenty first century America as the melting pot that is the United States is growing larger especially from influences non supportive of traditional Judeo-Christian philosophies....
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