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1. In which current country would you locate the ancient cities of Harappa and Mahenjo- Daro? Pakistan 2. List five important points on what we know about the Indus Valley Culture, and explain why you consider these points noteworthy. The Indus valley region had a mature urban culture from at least as early as 2750 B.C.E Due to the mature urban culture indicates cooperation between people on a massive scale that allowed for specializations in areas you would find in an urban area such as markets and variety of products to be sold as well as a central system that fostered the growth. Carved seals indicate that these people knew how to write. Their scripts, however, remain undecipherable to this day. Because they knew how to write meant that had time to record things not spending all day as nomads looking for food, shelter, and protection. It also means they understood the importance of recording data maybe not historically but perhaps just day to day stuff such as records of sales. Settlements consisted of permanent structures made from burnt bricks
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