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EM 306 Fall 2007 Quiz 5 Section: It^ 5J Name:- ErDi (Ver-phe horizontal steel shaft weights Joolb and is zus_ vpended by a vertical cable from.dand by a secorid cable BC which lies in a vertical transverse plane and loops underneath the shd{t. Calcul-ate the ten_
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Unformatted text preview: sions ?1 and ?, in the cables. . Problem rr) (L) (r) 11.'t .tl 61, >12 $3)ertblem 116r c J 0 = orct* 3 T =2 (,t/P A?etd 'd," st**'J , *- Lr*^l f, = T or ly Ee M on "|-J;v :FJ o' txTe crro *7,-)oo: T,= + = 7S I 5A,q=o: -3oo'z + T,'8 =o-O...
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