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EM 306 Fall 2007 Problem Quiz 5 Section: I #8 EID: Problem 5/65 Name: F-\ (t I/65Jhe chain-supported portioii of a light fixture is in - the shape ofpart ofa spherical shell. Ifthe mass of the glass unit is.nr, determine the tension ? in each ofthe three chains.
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Unformatted text preview: $ B [*tio tr : *tr'l &z V*^"*t d,Jrq cgil"t ar(e att , &[r*t 4. fr"s )a./. .-"1*( +o r. 3f" i-'-1 I +rl T 5r f/ = tnnl + Isrnot= 4r --t sr :E'=Q = +"n+ 3 Tsin/ -tV.o "l t- nt I - 3r\" =.0. ,ttil^t csyrMv) \,/ th \t/ @ *) enl....
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