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Assignment (To be completed at the end of Lesson 5) Answer the following questions: 1. What is the common belief shared by the Hindu ideal of Moksha and the Buddhist ideal of Nirvana? Gain freedom from the Samsara cycle this is the what occurs. 2. Why is the Buddha also known as the Sakyamuni? He was a member of the Sakya clan and he chose to not to live an extreme life of ascetism and of extreme materialism instead he opted for a simple life 3. What are the three points that underlie the Buddhist view of human life? Morality, Meditation, and Wisdom 4. What are the fourfold truths of existence according to Buddhism? First is all life is suffering. Second all suffering arises from desire or craving. Third suffering should cease if desiring ends. Fourth is it is possible to stop desiring by following the eightfold path prescribed by Buddha 5. What is the eightfold path to Nirvana? They are eights guidelines designed to end the suffering and gain freedom from desire. First is to have a reasonable
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