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Lesson 6 assign - studying Chinese Religions 6 What is the...

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Assignment (To be completed at the end of Lesson 6) Answer the following questions: 1. What is Tian? The word Tian is often translated as Heaven or Nature and has been suggested that it seems to stand for a more universal concept, a sort of the cosmic order of morality, and also a Being that unbiasedly guided the destinies of humans. 2. What is the relationship between Shang-Ti and Tian Both of them explore the notion of a supreme authority of the human and natural realms. 3. What is Tianming? This is often translated as the Mandate of Heaven which meant that men as long as they rule with righoutsness, wisdom, and piously would be succeeded by their heirs. 4. What is Zongjiao? This is the Chinese word for religion and it means teaching of traditions of spiritual wisdom. So this involves worshiping spirits of the deceased of ancestors combined with an understanding of the traditional outlook. 5. What does the word syncretism mean? Why is it important in the context of
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Unformatted text preview: studying Chinese Religions? 6. What is the tradition of Scapulimancy? Why is it important to learn about this tradition when studying Chinese religious traditions? It is the tradition where the bones of certain animals are used to answer questions. The process is carve the question in the bone and then apply a heat source and then from the cracks that result the answer could be found but only certain people could interpret the cracks of the bones. It shows that the ancient Chinese in using this technique were trying to contact the world they believed held those that had already past seeking guidance and direction from that which they believed could influence their life. 7. What are the three socio-cultural forces that played an important role in formulating the ancient Chinese world view? 8. What is the name of the earliest political dynasty that has left archeological evidence? Shang dynasty which dates from 1554-1045/1040 BCE...
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Lesson 6 assign - studying Chinese Religions 6 What is the...

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