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pharmacist example

pharmacist example - 5.An Example Of A Clash Between...

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PART ONE: THE CONTEXT OF BUSINESS cont’d CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Taking Account of Stakeholders’ Interests: 1. Defining Corporate Social Responsibility 2. Good Business: Enlightened Self-Interest 3. Exit & Voice Mechanisms for Stakeholders 4. Should Business Do More Than Maximize Profits? Business Ethics and the Individual : 1. Understanding Ethics. 2. Law And Ethics As Guides To Behavior. 3. The Origin Of Business Values. 4. The Likelihood Of Confronting Ethical Dilemmas In The Workplace.
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Unformatted text preview: 5.An Example Of A Clash Between Business Conduct And Individual Values. BCOR1010 9/12/07 WORKSHEET 1. Is it right for a pharmacist to be anti abortion? Why or why not? 2. Is it right for a pharmacist to deny “plan B” to customers who seek the drug? Why or why not? 3. Why might your answer to #2 be affected by the fact that this is happening in remote locations? 4. Can pharmacists reconcile their values with their job? If yes, how? BCOR1010 9/12/07...
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