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1. Who was the Yellow Emperor? One of the three individuals connected with the origins of philosophical Daoism also called Huangdi now it is generally accepted that Yellow Emperor is an entirely legendary character. 2. What is the Taoteching? A Taoist text believed to be penned by many authors but is credited to one author Laozi. 3. What do you know about the author of Taoteching? It was penned by Laozi is debated since there is no evidence that he ever even existed. 4. What is Wuwei? Is the practice of yielding to one’s spontaneous impulses as the ideal of human behavior, in other words just go with the flow because you cannot change anything and to try would just be an exercise in futility. 5. How does a Taoist sage’s action reflect Wuwei? It goes against in that a sage is a wise person who is often thinks too much according to a Taoist one should not think or comtemplate by just be. 6.
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