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· .. EM 306 Fall 2007 Quiz 1 Problem Name: ------- EID:. _ 2Al A surveyor finds that the length of the line OA is 1500 m and the length of the line OB is 2000 m. (a) Determine the components of the position vector from point A to point B. (b) Determine the components of a unit vector that points from point A toward point B. o M " ;B -.;A (" CAB), ~ HMll i) ::'(l~\)tltoS~Il'
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Unformatted text preview: t +2.\)~os~1\)\i)-(/~'-\\()CO~bQ' 1 '>J ::: ~~ l.\)~ 1-~~~. oq. J-CD :, 1\'~)\, t>,",l'n"i\;~.~ .. )1.= n'l"I>.J"-~ "h~~ ~lY\1\)~~C~~)'():: '" ~~ t\),~-G l'o) W\'t\\ibt. U1N\}"'~\~ oJ ~ ~ (f\?')",=-q~l.Il~;:Ov ~'<-c,of<\1\)1'lV)~~ I;)! t\ n~~-t "::::. JIA\.1"b'" b nllt~~ ,J~~\) .. '::-I"---"~...
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