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· .. EM 306 Fa112007 Quiz 2 Section 14010 (T 5-7) Name: Ell: "---- ~ ~, II 2/138 Y 80-lb force is applied to the end of the wrench I as the sprocket wheel is attached to an engine I crankshaft. The force is perpendicular to the plane containing points 0, A, and B. Determine the mo- . ment of this force about point 0.- F=801b Problem 2/138 1~t. \).Y\'\\:i "'~'f ()~ \JrxQ. '(I~~\ \)I" "~~" 01\ ~ ~~ "~""~ Y\ =: - Sltl 1A ~ -\- ~). ...
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Unformatted text preview: J ::: -O.1l\-1Jl t t Q.~1~1~ 'V-.J ..j •••••-..J 'CQ~:: tOl\-\-t"'~ :::c '[-f\ t tAt -\- te,8 :: 4-~ t (6 tllS\Q' (t,os~' 1 "~I\~'l) t lb )It\ \Q' tt) "::::. \\1.~~\~ t ~,~t1). i +tl13~t-----------------------.. ~t ~ t~ 'kE" uu·~\~ H-wvl H:nHt) X l21.1b ~-1,lll1) ::. ljV~X\~ ~-T\WW'\ 1-1'l.\,·-q~/_l u·,~)-GJ...
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