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Unformatted text preview: EM 306 Fall 2007 Quiz 5 Section: M6- <g Name: "------- EID: ----- Problem @Two steel I-beams, each with a mass of 100 kg, are weldedtogether at right angles and lifted by vertical cables so that the beams remain in a horizontal plane. Compute the tension in each of the cables A, B,andC. Problem 3/64 -(0 LM~~\) ~ ~~\(2.b7)-~~TA:::O ~ TI\::l\-~\)N ',.To-l B - 9~1 (u~nl) '~ " ,TA+TB+lc-Ll,~t)::::~ ~ T~;'lc.::\4lLN ~~ T,~~b\hb tJ -Tt~~ql.~rJ ...
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