1 - It assumes that every attempt to repress crime must be...

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1. The due process model of criminal justice has been compared to an obstacle course. This model assumes that freedom is so important that every step to ensure criminal justice decisions must be made from reliable intelligence. Key points are the adversarial process, the rights of defendants, and the formal decision-making procedures. The adversarial process is a system by which a passive judge and jury seek to find the truth by listening to opposing attorneys who vigorously advocate on behalf of their respective sides. The rights of the defendants must be safe guarded through each step of the process to ensure that their constitutional rights have not been violated. The formal decision-making procedures means that during each step there are specific guidelines that all participants must adhere to in order to preserve individual liberties. The crime control model has been compared to an assembly line.
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Unformatted text preview: It assumes that every attempt to repress crime must be made. Key points are the efficiency and capacity to catch, try, convict, and punish a high percentage of offenders; as well as, stressing speed and finality. It places the goal of crime control foremost, placing less emphasis on protecting individuals’ rights. The goal of law is to protect citizens from each other not from a powerful government. Because the founding fathers realized that mistakes might be made such as a powerful government. They designed our government with the knowledge that if our government got to the point where it became too powerful that it is the right of every citizen to cause change either through elections removing officials who seek to repress individual liberties or in extreme cases overthrow current government and start fresh if circumstances so called for....
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1 - It assumes that every attempt to repress crime must be...

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