Immigration - Immigration is defined as the process of...

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Immigration is defined as the process of moving of non residents to a foreign country. In the United States immigration has been prevalent since a very long time. It has provided to the variety in the culture as well as the growth in the population of America. The diversity in the life of America has been caused mainly due to the process of immigration. There have been immigrants from many different countries. The reasons for shifting are various. Be it political, economic or religious. Some of these which have been written upon are the Dutch and the Italian immigrants. The Dutch are the people who have or had been living in the Netherlands. In the past few decades many Dutch people have left their homes in the Netherlands to begin a new life somewhere else. One of the main places where these people have migrated is America. Even though the Dutch have left behind their homes and families they have not left behind their culture. They might have started a new life in a new country but they have not forgotten their old life. Even though Dutch immigration began in the 16 th century, the heavy flow of immigrants into United States actually began in the 19 th century. During that time the situation in the Netherlands was not what we would call the best. The country was not as developed as some of its neighbors were. It was slow on industrialization since it did not have the required infrastructure. The country was a land of waterways and depended heavily on wind power. Hence the industrialization of the country could not be improved which led to slow development
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of the country. This was one of the main reasons which led to the immigration of people to America. The Italian people also have a similar history. People who were settled in Italy wanted to have a better life and hence many of them shifted to America. The United States of America allowed the flow of immigrants and became the single country which received the largest amount of Italian recipients from 1850 to 1950. These people contributed a lot to American population in their own way. Even though their impact was not so great they still played a major role in the social life and status of the country. Unlike the Dutch not all the Italians clustered together. They spread out in groups according to their places of birth. However most were concentrated in the mid Atlantic states. Like the Netherlands, Italy too was having its own problems. It was having various problems. Some of them were related to economic while others to political reasons. Whatever the reason maybe all of them had only one purpose and that was to settle in USA and begin a new life. There have been many different reasons as to why the Dutch and Italians came to America. One of the most important factors has been related to the economic factors of their home country. The economic condition at the time in Netherlands was not very good. Due to the lack of industrialization the economy of the country did not prosper that well. This led to many
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Immigration - Immigration is defined as the process of...

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