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2. The three goals of the criminal justice system: doing justice, controlling crime, and preventing crime. Doing justice emphasizes fairness and this is accomplished in three ways.: 1) Offenders will be held fully accountable for their actions, 2) Individual rights shall be safe guarded, and 3) Offenses that are alike will be treated alike and relevant differences will be taken into consideration. The second goal of criminal justice controlling crime will be covered next. Controlling crime is accomplished by arresting, prosecuting, convicting, and punishing those who break the law; while, at the same time taking steps that result in not breaking the law for example: violating a person’s rights. Finally, I will take a look at the
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Unformatted text preview: last goal of criminal justice, which is preventing crime. Preventing crime can be accomplished in many ways. Through the visible actions of police, courts, and correction agencies those people who might break the law reconsider when they see others being punished. Another method is for citizens to be more wary of the world around them and take measures to safeguard themselves; such as, making sure their residence is secure and avoiding areas that may be prone to criminal activity. The execution of these goals can vary slightly or even greatly depending on legal, political, social, and moral values of any given time. Conflicts between the goals may even arise based on the methods used to accomplish each goal....
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