4 - Which tends to adhere more to the will of voters than...

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4. As county prosecutor discretion, resource dependence, sequential tasks, and filtering would affect my relationships, decisions, and actions with respect to police and trial judges in the following ways. Discretion in whether or not to file charges, seek indictments, drop cases, or reduce charges based on evidence that the police have collected through their investigation. Seeking appeals or motions to the judge if I felt it was warranted and realizing that politics would have a strong bearing on the judge. If I am politically ambitious I would play to the public desires of the moment and not so to those of the police or the trial judge. Resource dependence in deciding how to proceed with a case as far as to take it to court or make a plea bargain or even drop the case.
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Unformatted text preview: Which tends to adhere more to the will of voters than that of the police. Sometimes resulting in a miscarriage of justice by mishandling of evidence due to understaffing. Sequential tasks means everything must happen in a specific order arrest must be made by the police before being handed over to the prosecutor who decides to go before a judge and finally to corrections. So all parts must have cooperation in order for each to obtain the goals. Filtering is a screening process that allows some cases to advance while others are settled through plea bargaining or dropping the case. Now depending on your relationship with police and judges as well as the desire of the voters of the time might cause you to screen out certain cases while advancing other ones....
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4 - Which tends to adhere more to the will of voters than...

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