5 - Trial occurs after arraignment The state must prove...

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5. Booking occurs after an arrest. The suspect may be fingerprinted, photographed, interrogated, and placed in a lineup. All suspects must be Mirandized. Bail may be set. Preliminary hearing occurs after a suspect has been arrested, booked, and brought (Where –before a judge, etc.) to be informed of the charge and Mirandized. It’s the preliminary hearing is for for a judge to determine whether there is sufficient evidence that a crime has been committed. If there is not then the case is dismissed. If there is the accused is to be arraigned. Arraignment occurs after the preliminary hearing. The accused appears before a judge to hear the charge and to enter a plea. If the accused pleads guilty, the judge must decide whether the plea was made voluntarily and whether the accused understands the consequences. When a guilty plea is accepted the judge then imposes sentencing.
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Unformatted text preview: Trial occurs after arraignment. The state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crime with which they have been charged by presenting witnesses and submitting evidence. The accused now the defendant with the help of an attorney may also provide witnesses and submit evidence to help prove the defendants innocence. Sentencing occurs after the trial. If the defendant is found guilty of the crime the judge then imposes sentencing. This sentence is how the accused will be punished for the crime that was committed. Appeal occurs after sentencing. The guilty may appeal convictions to a higher court if they believe that trial court failed to follow proper procedures or their constitutional rights were violated by the actions of the police, prosecutors, defense attorneys or judges....
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5 - Trial occurs after arraignment The state must prove...

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