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1. I will be writing about the typology that is most likely counted by the UCR (Uniform Crime Reports) and the NCVS (National Crime Victimization Surveys). Then I will describe how counting one type might influence political discussions regarding the criminal justice system. Of the six types of typologies that classify crime according to its nature listed. Visible crime is the one most likely to be counted by the UCR. Since these are the one’s most drawn to the public attention and therefore uses the most of the law enforcement’s resources and therefore rely most on information already collected by various law enforcement agencies. Visible crime includes violent crimes, property crimes, and public order crimes. Victimless crime is most likely to be counted by the NCVS. Since they involve the volunteering of information through surveys of if a participant has been a victim of a crime also due to the fact most people do not even see them as crimes they are more comfortable about revealing information during survey studies, such as drug use or
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