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3. I will compare as well as contrast the rights of criminal defendants with the rights now afforded to victims of crime. Rights afforded to criminal defendants are covered in the U.S. Constitution. The Fourth Amendment prevents unreasonable searches and seizures. The Fifth Amendment includes protection against self-incrimination, also double jeopardy. The Sixth Amendment provides the right to a speedy, fair, and public trial by an impartial jury, as well as the right to counsel. The Eighth Amendment prevents excessive bail, excessive fines, and cruel and unusual punishment. The Fourteenth Amendment prevents states from violating people’s rights to due process of law. Rights now afforded to victims of crime in federal cases include the following. First is the right to be reasonably protected from the accused. Second is the right to notice of any court proceeding, parole proceeding, release, or escape of the accused. Third is the right not to be excluded from any court proceeding unless attendance might
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