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BS110 Homework 1 answers - Homework 1 Exploring Natural...

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Homework 1 Exploring Natural History (ENH) exercise 1. In the aquatic habitat, predators make up over 73% of the species variety among those on the analyzed list. Herbivores only make up about 6%, and omnivores about 19%. In the terrestrial habitat, predators also exhibit the highest degree of diversity but by a slimmer margin, herbivores are much more diverse than in the aquatic habitat, and omnivore diversity is almost exactly the same; 47% of the analyzed terrestrial species are predators, 33% are herbivores, and omnivores account for less than 20%. 2. There are more dietary strategies in aquatic systems than in terrestrial ones. This being the case, it is not surprising that predators are the most diverse, because they have more competition for food than herbivores do and so require unique feeding methods to avoid having to compete for the same prey with other predators. Herbivores feed on abundant plant life that they do not have to chase or sneak up on; they can graze, and their food sources are almost always abundant enough to support the significant percentage of the biomass that the herbivores make up, so their feeding habits are less diverse and therefore so are they. Predators, however, cannot graze, and have to chase or surprise their prey. By having such
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BS110 Homework 1 answers - Homework 1 Exploring Natural...

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