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SOCI 210 - Lecture 5.docx - Lecture 5 Becoming a Member of...

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Lecture 5: Becoming a Member of Society (Socialization) Part 2 Lifelong Process Changes with life stages (childhood, adolescence, adulthood) Life stages are social constructions that vary across societies and times. Evolving concept of childhood - relatively new in historical terms. Only in the 19th century that people started to believe that childhood was a distinct stage of development and child labour laws, mass education systems were developed as a result. The 20th century developed the phase of adolescence. Coming of Age in Samoa - adolescent phase of life had very different associations (no rebelling, etc.). Adulthood Change in definition over the last while: what does it mean to act like an adult and when should that be achieved? In the 20th century, the clear demarcation of adulthood in North America was marriage and having children. The 21st century view of adulthood has evolved away from marriage and children. More towards financial independence, leaving family home, working full time etc.
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