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BS 110 SS 08 Homework 2 History of Life, MSU Museum exhibits homework IMPORTANT NOTE: You may work in the museum together but this is an individual assignment and your drawings and words must be your own. No credit for copying! Also no credit if you didn’t visit and work in the museum (e.g. if you just took it from websites, etc.). Visit the Hall of Evolution on the Ground Floor of the MSU Museum (across from the main library, next to Beaumont Tower). Examine the exhibits and choose one Period (or, for the Cenozoic, one Epoch) to focus on for each Era (these are the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic). (Restated, your assignment will include two Periods and one Epoch of your choice.) For each Period/Epoch, in a paragraph (one per period/epoch) characterize the time frame, climate, position of continents, and the biota (organisms present) as depicted in the exhibit (but put it in your own words). Make diagrams of each diorama with labeled
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Unformatted text preview: sketches (not photos! and nothing downloaded). Reconstruct and sketch/diagram and label a plausible food web for each of the periods and the epoch that you chose. Compare and contrast climate, continent position, and biota among all the time frames (periods or epoch). There are also fossil exhibits in the 1 st Floor Lobby Gallery, in Collections Connections, and on 2 nd Floor in the Habitat Hall (dinosaurs!) and Hall of Animal Diversity. You may incorporate information from those exhibits for the appropriate time frame into your assignments as well. Extra credit: In Collections Connections, find the “Identify a Fossil Fish!” tray and identify the mystery fossil fish to genus (capitalized Latin name). Your homework should be at least a single-spaced page long, not including the drawings. You may write it out (but make it neat) or word-process it. Extra credit for extra-good assignments! Due in class Monday 18 Feb....
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