BS110 Syllabus - B S 110 Organisms and Populations Syllabus...

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BS 110 BS 110 Organisms and Populations Organisms and Populations Syllabus Syllabus Spring 2008 Spring 2008 Course description: Biological diversity and organismal biology. Principles of evolution, population biology, and community structure. Instructor : Dr. Pamela C. Rasmussen Office : 317 MSU Museum (To get to my office, call me from a cell phone or have someone at the first-floor Admin Office call me when you get to the Museum, then come up the central stairwell to second floor, turn right and walk until you reach the Conference Room and staff offices door on the right; go up the stairs and knock loudly on the locked door) Mailbox: Inside first door of Administrative Office, first floor of Museum Office hours : Monday 3:30-4:30 p.m. and Thursday 9:00-10:00 a.m., or by appointment---e-mail or call Telephone : (517) 432-0872 E-mail : [email protected] Graduate Lecture Micaleila (Leila) Desotelle ([email protected]; office hours to be Assistant : announced, BioSci Help Room, 331b N. Kedzie; Help Room tel.: 432-3618 x 141 Course Office: 204 N. Kedzie, 432-1316. All administrative details such as drops, adds, and section changes will be dealt with by the course office. Lectures and Exams : MWF 1:50-2:40, N130 Business College Complex Labs : N. Kedzie (room and time dependent on section) (NOTE: Laboratory MUST be taken concurrently with lecture. All lab enquiries should be addressed to Sonya Lawrence, [email protected] ) Credits: Four Course Website : Required materials for lecture : 1) Sadava et al. Life: The Science of Biology , 8 th Ed. Customized for BS 110, Organisms and Populations 2) i-Clicker: purchase at bookstore. Important : Do not register your clicker online; we will register clickers in class. 3) carbonless notebook
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Lecture Schedule Lecture Schedule (subject to adjustment; exam schedule fixed) Date Lecture topic Lecture topic Homework Homework due due dates dates Readings in Readings in Sadava Sadava et al. et al. 1/7 Introduction, Descent with Modification 1/9 How Biologists Study Organisms 2-19 1/11 Ecology and the Distribution of Life 1112-1139 1/14 Population Ecology 1166-1183 1/16 Community Ecology 1184—1203 1/18 Ecosystem Ecology 1204-1225 1/21 MLK Day MLK Day 1/23 The History of Life on Earth 1 464-484 1/25 The History of Life on Earth 2 1/28 The History of Life on Earth 3 1/30 Molecular Basis of Life: DNA Structure and Replication HW 1 due 232-254 2/1 Chromosomal Basis of Life: Meiosis 2/4 2/4 Exam 1 Exam 1 2/6 Chromosomal Basis of Life: Genetics 1 206-231 2/8 Chromosomal Basis of Life: Genetics 2 2/11 Chromosomal Basis of Life: Genetics 3 2/13 The Mechanisms of Evolution 1 486-507 2/15 The Mechanisms of Evolution 2 2/18 The Mechanisms of Evolution 3 HW 2 due 2/20 Species and Their Formation 508-523 2/22 Global Patterns of Biodiversity 2/25 Classification and Systematics 542-557 2/27 Reconstructing and Using Phylogenies 2/29 The Prokaryotic Domains 1 560-581 3/ 3/3 - 7 SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK 3/10 The Prokaryotic Domains 1
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BS110 Syllabus - B S 110 Organisms and Populations Syllabus...

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