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Unformatted text preview: FCE 225 FCE 225 The Ecology of Lifespan Development In the Family Instructor: Temple Odom, Ph.D. Office: Human Ecology 13 C Phone: 432-3852 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: after class or by appointment Teaching Assistant: Andrew Saltarelli Email: [email protected] Office Hours: by appointment Course Description: This course is an introduction to lifespan human development from an ecological perspective. Topics include physical development, cognitive development, social development, moral development and emotional development through the life span. Course Format: This course is an on-line hybrid course. On Tuesdays, we will meet in our classroom in Wells Hall for lecture and discussion. On Thursdays, the course material will be available to you on Angel. You will be able to access the material on Angel for 10 days, and you can complete the content at any time during those ten days. Course Text: Vander Zanden, J.W. (2007). Human Development (8th Edition). New York: McGrawHill. Course Expectations: You are expected to attend all lectures on the Tuesday, in-class sessions. Roll will not be taken. You are expected to take notes during class lectures and on-line lectures. If you miss a lecture, you are expected to get notes from a classmate. You are expected to complete the on-line portion of the course in a timely manner. Once sessions time-out, they will not be reposted. You are expected to have access to Angel. You are expected to read the assigned chapters. You are expected to participate in class discussions. Lively discussion makes class more enjoyable for everyone. You are expected to do your own work without unauthorized aid of any kind (Academic Programs 2002-04, p. 64). 1 MSU FCE 225 Course Requirements: The grades for this course will be based on three exams (including the final exam) and an assignment portfolio. The total points for the class are 100. Assignment Portfolio (10 points total) These assignments will be completed as a part of the on-line portion of this course. At the end of the semester, you will turn in a portfolio of ten completed assignments. Each assignment will be worth one point. The on-line assignments will be available for your completion for 10 days each. The assignments may be either typed or handwritten. Each assignment should have your name on it and FCE 225 for identification. The portfolio should be turned in as a stapled set of papers no fancy notebooks please!! *Assignment Portfolio policy: The assignment portfolio is due on the date given in the course schedule. Every day a portfolio is late will result in a .5 deduction of the overall grade making a possible 4.0 paper an automatic 3.5, if late. After 5 days, late portfolios will not be graded. Exams (30 points each, 80 points total) This course has three exams that will be multiple-choice and will cover material from the text-book, the lectures and assignments. Exams will be scan-tron, so please bring a pencil to all exams. *Exam policy: If a student arrives to the exam AFTER the first student has turned in their paper, the late student will not be allowed to sit for the exam. If a student has a valid reason for missing an exam (hospitalization, death in the family, serious illness) this must be backed-up with written proof. If proper documentation is provided, the instructor will allow for a make up. All make up exams will be essay format and the content will be based on the instructor's choice, no exceptions. There are no make ups for the final exam. Grades: Total possible points from exams and assignments in the course = 100. The following grading scale will be used: 90-100+% = 4.0 85-89% = 3.5 80-84% = 3.0 75-79% = 2.5 70-74% = 2.0 65-69% = 1.5 60-64% = 1.0 <60% = 0.0 2 MSU FCE 225 Course Schedule FCE 225 Tuesday classes will be held in our classroom from 10:20 to 11:40am as scheduled. Thursday classes are indicated in green, and the content will be available on Angel. Day Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Date Jan 8 Jan 10 Jan 15 Jan 17 Jan 22 Jan 24 Jan 29 Jan 31 Feb 5 Feb 7 Feb 12 Feb 14 Feb 19 Feb 21 Feb 26 Feb 28 Mar 4 Mar 6 Mar 11 Mar 13 Topic Course Intro Human Development Chapter 1 Developmental Theories Chapter 2 Reproduction, Heredity and Prenatal Development Chapter 3 Birth and Physical Development Chapter 4 Birth and Physical Development Chapter 4 Infancy: Cognitive and Language Dev Chapter 5 Infancy: Cognitive and Language Dev Chapter 5 Infancy Chapter 6 Infancy Chapter 6 Exam 1 Early Childhood Chapter 7 Early Childhood Chapter 8 Early Childhood Chapter 8 Middle Childhood: Boys & Girls Chapter 9 Middle Childhood Chapter 9 Spring Break Spring Break Middle Childhood Chapter 10 Adolescence Chapter 11 3 MSU FCE 225 Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Mar 18 Mar 20 Mar 25 Mar 27 Apr 1 Apr 3 Apr 8 Apr 10 Apr 15 Apr 17 Apr 22 Apr 24 Apr 29 Adolescence Chapter 11 Adolescence Chapter 12 Exam 2 Early Adulthood Chapter 13 Early Adulthood Chapter 13 Early Adulthood Chapter 14 Middle Adulthood Chapter 15 Middle Adulthood Chapter 16 Late Adulthood Chapter 17 Late Adulthood Chapter 17 & 18 End of Life, Death and Dying Chapter 19 Assignment Portfolios Due!!! TBA Final Exam 10am to 12noon 4 MSU ...
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